Proficiency Program in Medical & Healthcare Informatics

Course Overview

“To practice medicine in the twenty-first century medical students . . . must be given strong grounding in the use of computer technology to manage information, support patient care decisions, select treatments, and develop their abilities as life-long learners”. Association of American Medical Colleges, 1992.

Course Objectives

The course has been framed with the following objectives:

  • To supplement professionals and students with the concept of information management and application of information technology to medical and healthcare issues.
  • To explore the medical issues related to community based health information services.
  • To make the students well-equipped with this new emerging field of bioscience.
  • To enable the health professionals to solve work practice challenges and employ software in health related problems, management etc.
  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge in medical informatics.

Career Opportunities

After the completion of the program the students would be eligible for the following types of jobs: