Industry program in Cheminformatics and Drug Designing

Course Overview

The rising tide of data being generated by high-throughput approaches to drug screening is slowly bringing about a chemical revolution. Cheminformatics thus is becoming a big business. Just as the genomics boom created a need for bioinformaticians, an explosion in the amount of data generated by combinatorial chemistry and other high-throughput approaches to drug screening and drug design is creating a demand for chemoinformaticians. The demand for cheminformatics expertise has come primarily from the pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology industries. Chemical database creation and searching, and high throughput technologies, have become increasingly important to the chemistry based industries as well. Their jobs can range from the management of a database structures and biological data, to work involving combinatorial chemistry.

Career Opportunities

This course surveys the current picture in pharmaceutical research, including how targets are selected, how the rational and combinatorial methods are harnessed, as well as how the industry is evolving in this post-genomic era. The instructors will provide background and introduce various topics, which will be discussed by a series of invited lecturers who are active in drug design and discovery.

Few profiles are as follows:

  • Medicinal Chemist
  • Computational Chemist
  • Nano technician
  • In Silico Drug Designer

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide an intensive and up-to- date learning in the emerging area of Chemical sciences. The program provides a basic to advance level of expertise in Cheminformatics and its usage in the industry.