Industry Program In Bioinformatics

Course Overview

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science which uses the applications of computer algorithms to decipher the complexity of biological data. It is of central importance in the genomic and post-genomic age because of the vast amounts of information that are becoming available from different disciplines. Also the advancement of instrumentation for genome sequencing has increase the pace of data generation. Bioinformatic tools enable scientists to effectively collect this data and organize it in a meaningful way so as to give a conclusive answer to our problems.

Sequencing of human, bacterial, rice genomes have unraveled plethora of information which can be put to best use by using bioinformatic tools for genome analysis, protein structure, prediction, target identification, drug-design, and metabolomics and systems biology. A researcher equipped with the knowledge of bioinformatic tools may able to use data more efficiently. The program is designed to provide an experience for an individual from any field to get acquainted with the discipline of genomics and proteomics.

Career Opportunities

Bioinformatics is the new global wave. Companies and Governments in the business of developing drugs, agriculture, chemicals, hybrid plants, plastics, petroleum derivatives, Information technology among others are developing Bioinformatics divisions and looking to it to provide new avenues and research output to help replace scarce natural resources.

India, being a forerunner among the countries having the knowledge edge, is expected to play a leading role in the Bioinformatics revolution. India has expert software professionals and qualified and experienced Biologists / Biotechnologists but lacks a combination which is now known as Bioinformatics Professional. Bioinformatics Institute of India aims at being the frontrunner and pioneer in the Indian Bioinformatics initiative.

Prospective employers include Pharmaceutical companies in India / abroad, R&D organization, Academic Institutions, Government Organizations, Software Companies & Product Marketing Companies. There are great opportunities to work as Scientists, Researchers, Software Developers, Database Developers, Consultants, Trainers and Academicians.

Course Objectives

Bioinformatics – The latest & hottest buzzword is the field of science in which biology, computer science and information technology merges into a single discipline. The ultimate goal of Bioinformatics is to enable the discovery of new biological insights as well as to create a global perspective from which unifying principles in biology can be discerned. Some of the biggest drug firms like SmithKline Beecham, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Glaxo Wellcome etc. are hunting for Bioinformatics experts while smaller firms have difficulties to get the staffers they want. Same is true for the renowned IT companies.

The course has been framed with the following objectives:

  • To develop specific databases and perform effective database searches.
  • To learn and perform various insilico analysis for gene structure and function identification.
  • To learn and perform various insilico analysis for protein structure and function identification.
  • To learn and perform target identification for drug-designing.
  • To develop documentation / research writing expertise in the Bioinformatics Domain.
  • To have a platform for interchange and exchange of knowledge with academia and industry.


Any Science Graduate

Examination Fee

Every student has to pay Rs. 500 per module as examination fees. Examination fee for Overseas participants is USD 30 per module.

Course Modules

  • Module 1

    Introduction to Bioinformatics.

  • Module 2


  • Module 3

    Biological Databases & their Management.

  • Module 4

    Computational Biology.

  • Module 5

    Bioinformatics Software.

  • Module 6

    Computational Tools for Molecular Biology.

  • Module 7

    Molecular Genetics.

  • Module 8