Course Overview

“Becoming a Medical Writer is a lucrative and stimulating career for this decade” With the fast pace development in science and technology and increasing awareness and interest of general public in these developments, both scientific writing and medical journalism has gained lot of importance. Presenting the scientific and medical information in an easy format is very important. BII has obtained a position of the premier institution for training the professional for this upcoming field.

Course Objectives

With writing gaining so much of importance, the scientific and medical writers should be able to perform simple activities such as proofreading, editing as well as complex activities such as creating and managing journals, writing reviews etc.

Examination Fees:

Every student has to pay Rs. 500 per module as examination fees. Examination fee for Overseas participants is USD 30 per module.

Career Opportunities

There are several focus areas of medical writing, which include regulatory medical writing, medical writing for original research (e.g., peer-reviewed manuscripts), and medical writing for continuing medical education and patient education. This medical writing certificate program is unique, in that once this certificate program is completed student has the opportunity of applying for a medical writing practicum, gaining real world experience, samples, and references for their portfolio.

The course has been framed with the following objectives: