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Intellectual Property Right

Intellectual Property Right is a Intellectual Property Protection System in different forms which helps in understanding clearly the technicalities in the development, recognition and ownership of intellectual Property assets. BII is introducing the courses for the professionals as well as students aspiring for a career in IPR. The course will introduce IPR as a concept, and provide a different form of Intellectual Property Rights, copyright, Trademark, Industrial Design and Geographical Indications. Trade Secrets, Biodiversity and Information Technology related areas. The challenges faced in the practical enforcement of these rights are covered during the course curriculum as well as the strategies, which are formulated to safeguard the issues related to the present day technologies.

IPR is an initiative that would provide professionals the knowledge of the recent developments designed for secretaries, administrators, lawyers etc. who are employed to support the work of Intellectual Property department or private practice firms.

Course Aims and Objectives

The aim of the course is to study he legal form work of international trade and investment as laid down by the world trade organization and emerging legal regimes.

  • To transform the available information for drafting IPR & IPR case studies.
  • To promote the knowledge of Intellectual Property Laws of India as well as International treaty procedures.
  • To find sophisticated problem related solutions of different forms of IPR.
  • To act as an interface between industry / government and multilateral institution in various aspects relating to intellectual property.
  • To give update on the patent filing procedures and applications.
  • To equip students withy the knowledge of intellectual property rights protection system. It is a tool for wealth and value creation which is a knowledge based economy and the legal, economic and management challenges protected to IPRs.


  • Module I - Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
  • Module II -Patent Law , Practice and Procedure
  • Module III -Copy Right and is Related Rights
  • Module IV -Intellectual Property Right Acts
  • Module V -Information Technology , International & Indian Patent Act
  • Module VI -Industrial IPRs : Design & Trade Marks
  • Module VII - IPR in Agriculture , Biotechnology & Pharmacy

The program is intended for :

Legal Attorney, CA, Marketing personnel, IPR executive, Government officials, R & D people, Science and Management personnel, Industrial organization SME (Small & medium Enterprises), Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, Chemical and Biologist. copyright related Entertainment & Software Industries, Authors & Artists.


Persons having a Bachelor’s Degree in any subjects (Arts / Commerce / Engineering / Sciences / Medical Sciences / Pharmaceutics / Management / Chemistry / Botany / Zoology / Physics / Mathematics / Lawyers, Clinicians, Industrialists science / Pharmacology / Marketing / Pharmacy / Biochemistry / Biotechnology / Molecular biology / Medicines) and other relevant Qualification in the respective areas are eligible. Doctors / Computer Professionals / R & D Scientist having Graduation / Post graduation and PhD qualifications are also encouraged to apply for the course.

Career Opportunities

IPR is a knowledge based application area and it has job prospects in every field or subject. The employment in this subject has no end and various economic pursuits are:

  • Drafting patent bills.
  • Legal IPR advisor.
  • Working as IPR professional in various technical arenas.
  • Working as Intellectual Property Right Management / Administrator.
  • To draft patent for inventors.
  • Work with National & International firm as IPR consultant.
  • To understand CA, CD, SITN softwares for patent search.
  • Work in industries for different IPR forms Copyright, Trademark, Industrial Design.

Program Fee

BII Program Participation Fee for this program is Rs 10,500/ (for participants based in India / USD 750 ( for overseas participants ). Payment is to be made through Demand Draft / At Par Cheque in favor of Bioinformatics Institute of India.

Examination Fees

Every student has to pay Rs.500/- per module as examination fees . Examination fee for overseas participants is USD 30 Per Module
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Program Duration : The program duration is 12 months.

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