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Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Production (12 Months)


The objective of Industry Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Production-Distance Learning program is to provide an intensive and up to date learning in the emerging area of Chemical sciences. The program provides a basic to advance level of expertise in Industry Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Production and its usage in the industry.

About Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is an area of chemistry focused on the development of new drugs and the modification of currently used drugs to prevent, cure, and relieve symptoms of disease. Modern medicine relies on a multitude of drugs that block, counteract or lesson the debilitating effects of disease-causing factors. This Industry Program includes inputs drawn both from the industry and academia. In the pharmaceutical industry and in the health-care delivery sector, an understanding of what constitutes pharmacologically promising entities, the optimization of their clinical effectiveness, and an understanding of their metabolism and excretion is essential for success of producing good molecular drugs. This highly flexible Industry Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Production allows candidates to select a curriculum focused for those interested in research, in pharmaceutical production, administration, in drug or diagnostic development, or in pharmaceutical manufacturing quality control. Pharmaceutical chemistry is the core of molecular medicine, and this program is designed to allow the candidate to learn core fundamentals as well as master individual specialties.

Eligibility : Any Science Graduate

Program curriculum

  • Paper 1 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Paper 2 - Medicinal Chemistry
  • Paper 3 -Modern Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Paper 4 -Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Paper 5 -Pharmaceutical Analysis, Evaluation & Testing
  • Paper 6 -Drug Design & Discovery

Career Opportunities :

  • Quality Control Chemist
  • Researcher In Pharma Industry
  • Production Analyst
  • Quality Manager
  • Chemist In healthcare Industry

How To Join

In order to join BII Industry Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Production the prospective participant has to submit the necessary form.

Program Fee

BII Program Participation Fee for this program is Rs 10,500 (for participants based in India / USD 750 ( for overseas participants ). Payment is to be made through Demand Draft / At Par Cheque in favor of Bioinformatics Institute of India

Examination Fees

Every student has to pay Rs.500/- per module as examination fees . Examination fee for overseas participants is USD 30 Per Module
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