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Pharmaceutical Marketing (12 Months)


The biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industries have experienced rapid advances in science leading to the increasingly complex alliances between research and development, intense global competition, mega-mergers, and new regulations and shifts in policies. Any pharmaceutical company to progress and run successfully has to lead the company through this complex environment and need to understand the profound strategic implications of these changes i.e. to visualize them across the key functions of the business: discovery, marketing, finance, and business development.To cope up with the changing scenario pharma industry requires the professionals trained in the particular field like pharma marketing. With the aim of training the pharma professionals BII has introduced a program entitled as Industry Program in Pharmaceutical Marketing. Pharmaceutical Marketing is a industry specific course designed for pharmaceutical professionals keeping in view the skill set of the target audience and aimed de veloping the required technical expertise to hatrness the enormous employment opportunities thrown open in this.

Course-Curriculum :

  • Module I : Introduction to Pharmaceutics
  • Module II : Pharma Product Management
  • Module III : Pharmaceutical Marketing, logistics and Management
  • Module IV : Human Resource Management
  • Module V : Drug Design and Discovery
  • Module VI : Emerging Areas of Pharma Industry: Clinical Trials and Contract Research
  • Module VII : Pharma Practices, IPR and Procedures
  • Module VIII : Business Research Methodology

Benefits of the course :

As competition for professional advancement intensifies, understanding the latest techniques in management, innovative marketing strategies and effective methods for corporate growth are a necessity. In an ever-changing business environment, Industry Program in Pharmaceutical Marketing equips the participant with the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the competition. Industry Program in Pharmaceutical Marketing is industry-specific program that prepares Pharmaceutical Executives with the knowledge and skills required to lead the industry in the 21st century.

Career Opportunities :

Pharma marketing is a multi star profession says Dr. Anand Shedge. Liberalization is the new name to the old Darwin's principle 'Survival of the Fittest' and Globalization of Management is the Fact of Life. The liberalization process started in 1991 in India has integrated Indian economy with the world economy and protection in the form of sheltered markets; subsidies licenses, quotas and restriction for import are being gradually removed. Globalization of Business is witnessing a major revolution in the Pharma Industry. Globalization and the development of the information superhighway have brought the countries of the world closer. From a business perspective, the world is but one marketplace. The situation could not be more appropriate for the Indian pharmaceutical industry. India's pharmaceutical market is one of the major economic sectors in India, with a current need of funds, infrastructure, R & D, management, and human resources for the development of the pharmaceutical sector. Emphatic competition, new product launches, brand extensions, drug quality, clinical trials, growing marketplace with reduced brand loyalty, stringent regulatory issues & price control and rapid changes in technology are just a few of the challenges that offer opportunities with pharma industry. All these need professionally qualified, competent and efficient managerial and entrepreneurial talent that pharma marketing with the following opportunities.

  • Sales Manager.
  • Sales & Marketing Manager.
  • Market Researcher & Drug Developer.
  • Drug Distribution Manager & Drug Cost Accounts.

Program Fee

BII Program Participation Fee for this program is Rs 17000/- (for participants based in India / USD 1000 ( for overseas participants ). Payment is to be made through Demand Draft / At Par Cheque in favor of Bioinformatics Institute of India.

Examination Fees

Every student has to pay Rs.500/- per module as examination fees . Examination fee for overseas participants is USD 30 Per Module

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