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Drug Design and Patenting (12 Months)


Drug design and discovery are of critical importance in human health care. Successes in drug design have been dependent on insights and advances from the combined use of chemical and biological research. Computational approaches have become a centerpiece of rational drug design and are generally combined with structural information derived from macromolecular crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance. More recently, new methods of synthesizing very large libraries of potentially bioactive small molecules through combinatorial methods have brought screening strategies into increasingly important roles in drug discovery. Complementary biological innovations have been required to test the large arrays of molecules. We are currently witnessing an explosion of genomic information, which is revolutionizing the way drug discovery takes place. Moreover, new fields have arisen such as pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics and are touching the goals and guiding principles of drug design and discover y.

Program Objectives

This course will survey the current picture in pharmaceutical research, including how targets are selected, how the rational and combinatorial methods are harnessed, as well as how the industry is evolving in this post-genomic era. The instructors will provide background and introduce various topics, which will be discussed by a series of invited lecturers who are active in drug design and discovery.

The overall aim of the course is to give participants an overview of the significance of intellectual property rights (IPR) on pharmaceutical research and development generally and the pharmaceutical industry in particular. Participants will learn why an active drug-IPR strategy is necessary for a company in order to earn back its huge investments in research and development, as well as to maintain its core business without infringing on the intellectual property rights of other companies. Participants will gain understanding of why it is important for the company’s IPR policy to have a positive contagious effect and for everyone - regardless of what function in a pharmaceutical company a pharmacist has - to be alert to identifying patentable opportunities for the company. Participants also learn why it is important for research institutes, including institutions of higher education and sector research departments, to protect the new developments/discoveries made.

  • To be the biggest knowledge enhancement movement in the world in the area of Drug Design and Patenting.
  • To spread, enhance and share knowledge in the emerging areas of Drug Design and Patenting
  • To provide quality inputs in the area of Drug Design and Patenting to working professionals and individuals who have completed their education and willing to contribute in this area.
  • To develop documentation / research writing expertise in the Drug Design and Patenting Domain.
  • To equip participants of the BII Industry Program in Drug Design and Patenting to be able to spread awareness in this area by sharing their knowledge with others.
  • To be a platform for interchange and exchange of knowledge in this area by organizing interaction between program members through BII Blog.

Eligibility : Any Science Graduate

Program Areas

  • Module I : Drug Discovery Basics
  • Module II : Drug Design and Discovery
  • Module III : Patenting
  • Module IV : Indian Patent Laws and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Module V : Cheminformatics
  • Module VI : Cheminformatics Database Design and Their Management
  • Research Study

So, through this Synchronous Discussions - computer mediated communication (CMC) participants are able to communicate with other participants of the Institute to share news, views, comments and opportunities in the domain area.

Career Opportunities :

  • Medicinal Chemist
  • Computational Chemist
  • Nano technician
  • In Silico Drug Designer

Program Fee

BII Program Participation Fee for this program is Rs 10,500 (for participants based in India / USD 750 ( for overseas participants ). Payment is to be made through Demand Draft / At Par Cheque in favor of Bioinformatics Institute of India.

Examination Fees

Every student has to pay Rs.500/- per module as examination fees . Examination fee for overseas participants is USD 30 Per Module
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