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Professional Designation in Medical and Scientific Writing

" Becoming a Medical Writer is the fundamental one-stop guide to launch a lucrative and stimulating career in medical writing. "

Medical writing has gained a phenomenal momentum in drug development today. A Center Watch market research study shows the medical writing market has grown 15% each of the last two years, making it a $694 million market. Market continues to grow in the excess of 15%. By end 2015, market for medical writing services would cross US$1 billion.
The present situation exhibits lack of trained professionals and with thus BII has .
Key Advantages of taking up this course:

• This area is an extremely important part of drug development process.
• A good quality medical writing can often cut short the delays encountered in drug submission and approval by the regulatory authorities.
• With the deluge of clinical trials, more and more drugs are in pipeline for regulatory approvals making this area much sought after.
• Most pharmaceutical companies outsource significant amount of medical and marketing writing work.
• Medical Writer could also take up the responsibility of medical monitoring in clinical trials; thus actively participate in the clinical trial process.
• There is not going to be slowdown in the market for medical writers as industry needs people to write protocols, make regulatory submission and generate reports and other trial documents.
• Medical writers in the Pharmaceutical industry are paid attractive salaries.
• Technically sound people plus an additional diploma in medical writing are in higher demand because industry wants trained people who could be put on the job straight away.
• Candidate could also work on a freelance basis, which could be an attractive option.
• Working in medical writing gives an overview of the entire clinical development process, so it’s an ideal starting point for other careers in the pharmaceutical industry, such as regulatory affairs, clinical research etc
• One could also start up his/her business and become an entrepreneur.

     Course Objectives:

    • It is ironical that one side there is no dearth of clinical research and advances in medicine, while on the other side, the skills that are required to share it with the world and express the results in a scientifically approved manner is being ignored; field of medical writing!

    • Although the term ‘medical writing’ is a very broad, it mainly involves writing associated with clinical trials, regulatory submissions, and marketing or promotional literatures.

    • The key objective of this course is to gain an insight into the various aspects of scientific/ medical writing and will help the writers to make a positive contribution to the medical world, through their documentation.

    • On completion of this course, students will have an understanding of the requirements, roles and responsibilities of medical/scientific content writers. Skills in language, scientific communication, and data presentation will be enhanced and the expertise and knowledge will enable writers to prepare drafts that are clearly written and follow the relevant guidelines.


  • Module I -Introduction to Scientific/ Medical Writing
  • Module II -Clinical Trials  Documents & Reports
  • Module III -Regulation of drug process
  • Module IV -Ethics in Medical Writing
  • Module V -Tools for Medical  Writing
There are several focus areas of medical writing, which include regulatory medical writing, medical writing for original research (e.g., peer-reviewed manuscripts), and medical writing for continuing medical education and patient education. This medical writing certificate program is unique, in that once this certificate program is completed, the student has the opportunity of applying for a medical writing practicum and gaining real world experience, samples, and references for their portfolio.


Any Science Graduate

Course Fee

Rs.8,000/ USD 500

Examination Fees

Every student has to pay Rs.500/- per module as examination fees. Examination fee for overseas participants is USD 30 Per Module. 
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Program Duration :6 Months Short- Term.

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