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  • The lectures are delivered and explained through power point presentations and interactive sessions.

  • Well equipped educational Kit comprising of related material as per training program is provided to the participants.

  • Hand holding support for six months.


Life sciences are opening up a new frontier for profitable IT innovations and applications. Although the life sciences represent only a small fraction of the entire IT market, that portion is growing at a substantial rate. Researchers have become increasingly reliant on IT tools to reduce the costs and boost the productivity of life sciences R&D.

The importance of the training is to know about the challenges that lie in front of both Biotechnology and IT based companies for the growth and progress of life sciences. BII through keenly organized lecture and hands on training provides an understanding of how IT people can join hands with pharma companies to develop analytical tools for the huge amount of molecular biology disparate data integration. The business challenges for the IT companies is to deliver a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive preintegrated business application including key functionality built specifically for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical analysis. These specifically designed training programs along with various industries provide IT professionals ideas to develop genomic softwares, proteomics and information manipulation tools in addition to detailed insight marker driven level tools.

The new tools bases on computational technologies play a major role in drug research productivity, increase collaboration and communication among industry and research sectors. Training of Pharma industry people with latest technologies will enable them to understand and develop new drugs. The long-range goal of this initiative is to create a pool of skilled people to work for new drug-discovery paradigm in the pharmaceutical industry and to develop new approaches for functional genomics by taking a genomic and proteomics approach. BII has always work on new frontier for knowledge generation by helping trainees to develop understanding of information technology, computational techniques and biological advances in the field of human biology, animal and plant sciences with the aim of helping them to overcome the information overload and put it into good use for humanities.