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BII provides on ambience perfectly conducive to teaching, learning and research. Some of the highlights are:

  • State-of-the-art computational facilities with new Configurations computers
  • 24 hours Internet connectivity with 4 mbps bandwidth
  • Fully automated library
  • Information and student counseling services.


Fully air-conditioned spacious equipped with Overhead and LCD projectors that are essential for teaching. The latest multimedia technology enables faculty members to have interactive sessions of teaching, which adds confidence and enthusiasm amongst the students.

Lecture Halls

Lecture halls are thoughtfully designed to inculcate a sense of discipline and high quality learning equipped with teaching aids such as overhead projectors. A very comfortable environment in the lecture halls makes learning a unique experience. Students regularly conduct various formal & informal activities in the lecture halls.

Workshop and Seminars

Workshops are also important element of modern day education because they give students an opportunity to create something with their own hands .


The library information services play a crucial role in teaching and learning activities and provide the main source of individual reading and study materials. The library is well stocked, covering a varied range of topics on all related fields. The Library also subscribes to magazines, periodicals, newspapers and provides students with wide knowledge in all areas of professional education, which gives an exposure to the students about the happenings in the world and awareness of the international arena.

Main features of the Library are:

  • Good number of books authored by subject experts of international repute
  • Journals-national & international
  • Adequate reading space• A separate reference section

Computer Lab

The computer labs are equipped with state-of-the-art dual core computers with the latest software required for various applications. All computers are interconnected on WAN and in turn get connected to the internet.

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